Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the testing between FESA Labs (IVD Technologies Inc) and all customers are described here below. 

FESA Labs reserves the right to amend any information provided in FESA Labs’ terms and conditions sheet, website or other written or digital materials at any time. These terms and conditions supersede any previous conversations or written memoranda between FESA Labs and the involved parties. All customers submitting samples to be tested agree to our terms and conditions.

FESA Labs pricing is subject to change at any time. It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm pricing before services are started. Once samples and payment has been processed, FESA Labs will begin testing of samples. There is no cancellation allowed once testing begins. 

Payment prior to testing is required for all testing services. Acceptable forms of payments are debit card/credit card, check, wire transfer, ACH, or cash

2 to 6 Business Days after receiving a sample with payment.

Turnaround time policies are here to serve as a general guideline for analytical testing services. Customers should understand that certain conditions may impact test turnaround time (such as maintenance of instruments, sample backlog, natural disaster, laboratory relocation, staff changes, equipment failure, or holiday season). FESA Labs is not responsible for late turnaround times deadlines. Any loss suffered by the customer or third party due to a delay in reporting test results is not the responsibility of FESA Labs. 

FESA Labs shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay during shipping. In the case of natural disasters, theft, acts of god, building issues, and/or other uncontrolled calamities that damage and affect product samples, equipment & testing processes, FESA Labs shall not be held liable. FESA Labs shall not be liable for offline and/or online stolen data that includes customer information or test records.

FESALabs shall not be liable for any damages or misrepresentation that may result from the use or misuse of the data contained herein in any way. FESALabs makes no claims regarding representations of the analyzed sample to the larger batch from which it was taken. All tests are for research testing only. The results from FESALabs are responsible only for the tested sample received by FESALabs and does not represent any larger batch that may be believed to be part of. FESALabs will not be liable for any damages that may come from the reports or results that FESALabs reports.  

All results, information and reports are strictly confidential and the property of the client contracting the services of FESA Labs. No results, information or reports are released to a third party without the written permission of the client that owns the account with the related results, information, or reports. Access to FESA Labs is limited to authorized personnel and strict confidentiality is maintained in all interactions with customers.